GOOD WORK is a documentary studio based in Cape Town, South Africa, and working across the globe. We tell real stories of the world around us through films and photographs.

Our starting point is a desire to share the stories of people doing good work to bring about change in their environment. This can be in the form of documentary feature films, short films and television, or work for non-profits, Corporate Social Responsibility programmes and brands whose values align with our own. Established in 2012, we use 23 combined years of experience in the filmmaking and advertising industries to focus on an area that few other people do: the specialised skills required to work in the nuanced, intense, often unpredictable world of documentary media.

We assemble trusted teams of collaborators to suit each project, ensuring the correct match of skills and personalities for the job. The work is tough: sometimes it requires difficult travel to places with little infrastructure or environmental hazards. Perhaps we need to deal delicately with heads of state or protected persons. Or maybe it’s hitting just the right notes of an organisation’s values to convey their message precisely. However, the rewards are immense: authentic voices, an empathetic connection with viewers, and a cinematic approach that amplifies the stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary work.

Richard Finn GregoryRICHARD FINN GREGORY – Director / Cinematographer

An award-winning filmmaker, Richard started in film in 2000 through writing scripts. He went on to work as a stuntman and lived in Tokyo, where he began directing music videos. Upon returning to South Africa, he felt compelled to refocus on documentary filmmaking, working across five continents, from submarines to helicopters, with Nobel Prize winners and war refugees.

Richard attended film school in Barcelona and holds a Masters degree in cinema. He is a member of the SanDisk Extreme Team, a select group of 50 professional photographers and cinematographers worldwide.

Kelly_Mountain_BW_200pxKELLY SCOTT – Producer

Kelly brings eight years of working in various aspects of the advertising world to the team, to ensure that organisations and brands are fully understood and that messaging is clear. Her experience of managing projects across all media – television, film, radio, print and digital – means that clarity and efficiency are fused with creativity and ambition on all of our projects.

She holds a degree in industrial psychology, studied creative writing and isn’t scared of dirt.